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Real time film recorder (SD and HD) for 35mm

Ted, MWA Nova's principals Frank Ortwein and Detlef Nachtigall will be attending NAB 2009 in Las Vegas, April 20-24.

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The flashrecord is a new type of real-time digital film recorder which provides substantial improvements in speed and flexibility of digital film recording within the digital intermediate process.

The unit has been designed around the high precision servo system from our LLK series Optical Sound Cameras, guaranteeing precise, low maintenance operation.

The flashrecord is designed to meet the different needs of industry for digital film recording by using an RGB LED light engine for real time film exposure. This allows the flashRECORD to be used for various applications, from standard video to high end Data requirements.

As all flashrecord film recorder units are based on a modular design and high precision transport system, it is easy and economical to expand an existing system to meet future requirements and technologies.

• Real time film recording
• SD and HD resolution today •2K & 4K update awaiting hardware
• Long life high luminance RGB LED light engine
• Daylight operation
• Continuous microcontrolled film transport
• 600m film magazine
• Touch Screen Operating Panel
• Low maintenance
• Job management
• All film stocks supported
• High image quality

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